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Sept 2019

ScribChoice Release
Prince George's County, Maryland


Scribbles Software (Scribbles) is a leading provider of K-12 software solutions which enable and empower students and families to manage their educational experience. Today, September 3, 2019, Scribbles Software is announcing that Prince George's County in Maryland is now utilizing ScribChoice. ScribChoice is an online student choice, magnet, and program placement solution that allows school districts to market and communicate their choice programs to their community. This self- service platform enables students and families to access an online application to their desired learning environment while managing the documentation and lottery process that goes along with those program requirements.

Managing Partner of Scribbles Software, Matt Solomon, states; “We are excited to announce that Prince George's County Public Schools has taken further steps to provide equitable, open access to school district resources and programs by now allowing students, parents, and families to start the application process to attend a school other than their zoned school. We absolutely love partnering with districts around the country who make it a priority to utilize technology throughout the student lifecycle beginning with enrollment and continuing post-graduation to better the student experience while saving time maximizing staff resources”.

Scribbles Software has been serving the K-12 market since 2010 and currently assists over 250 school districts in 23 states in creating a student life cycle that promotes positive, empowered, and cost-effect solutions. Scribbles Software is in use currently for 6.9 million students, and securely maintains and provides access to 26 million student transcripts, representing 10,000 schools. Each year Scribbles assists schools in generating revenue and reducing operating costs.

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