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About Us

A K-12 Records Management Company.

We are the #1 full-service K-12 records request, active records management, and records archival company...

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    Our team is highly experienced and committed. We work well together because our talents complement each other, our values are similar, and we are friends.

    We have over a decade of success together. A few years ago, we decided that there was a better way to build, market, and implement useful software for school districts. With that notion in mind, the Scribbles Software model of providing free, revenue generating, productivity software was put in motion.

    Our software solutions provide a much needed service to the districts’ students, teachers, and community. Our solutions also help the district organize itself, manage incoming revenues, and create an enterprise lifecycle plan surrounding all student and human resource document processing functions.

    We love our jobs.  Our solutions are great for students, employees, and the community.  Our model is rewarding for the district. Its a WIN-WIN-WIN!


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    Ron is a founding Partner of Scribbles Software.  Ron is married and raising a 'tribe' of four kids.  He graduated from Western Illinois State with a degree in 'football'.

    Ron has worked Document and Records Management for 15 years in various fields and all over the world.  He is passionate about 'people' and 'service'.  His commitment to providing value was instrumental in creating the Scribbles business model.   

    Ron works with our clients to optimize solutions.  He also delivers the checks back to our clients each month -- needless to say, people like to hear from Ron.

    Tel: (562) 298-2619 | Email: Ron | Skype:

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    Paul is a founding member of Scribbles Software. Paul is married with two young boys, and considers himself a good father - not great, but good. He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in marketing (aka – he had a 4 fun filled, yet oddly vague years), and lives the good life by the beach in Southern California.

    Paul’s passion is seeing software actually ‘help’ people. Paul has been working to make our processes meet client expectations for over 12 years and continues to work to keep our software useful. If you are interested in how the system can help you or if you want to hear about how other districts are doing great things – give Paul a call!

    Tel: (949) 584-5766 | Email: Paul | Skype:

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    Richard is the Managing Director of Scribbles Software UK. He is married to his job and, as yet, has no children. Rich graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in Sports Science - he plays Rugby, Cricket, and American Football (yes he claims that they play that game on that side of the pond).

    Rich provides project management, implementation and education systems design. He believes strongly in 'Education for All' and that schools should not have to pay high prices for great technology. If you need a rugby coach he is your man.

    United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1323 700 007 | Email: Rich | Skype:

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    Tracey is the rookie on Scribbles Software management team. As you may note, she is also the only Canadian on the team - eh! Tracey has her Master's degree in Education, and worked as a teacher, school counsellor, division coordinator, vice principal, and assistant superintendent over a span of 15 years.

    She has been in the trenches and knows first hand the challenges faced by school and division/district administrators. Not only can she help you simplify some of your school and division/district processes, she can also help you draft a winning team in any NHL hockey pool!

    Canadian Tel: (289) 288-5227 | Email: Tracey

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    Dax is a founding Partner of Scribbles Software. He is married and attempting to raise two kids. Dax has a master's degree in Computer Engineering from NCSU. (Does anyone need an advanced sorting algorithm? Oh, thats right, no one does.) Dax has been working in the trenches of technology for the last 14 years.

    Dax's passion is making applications 'safe' and 'simple'. He is charged with keeping our technology mission on track and moving forward. He loves the cloud as it is the great equalizer between large and small organizations. If you have an idea on making something better - give Dax a call.

    Tel: (704) 390-5690 | Email: Dax | Skype:

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    Tommy has been integral to Scribbles since day one. He is married and has three beautiful daughters (he is attempting to have more kids than Ron). Tommy is an expert level 'computer geek'. He is the master of all things Linux, Windows, and Network. Tommy has been making users happy for the last 5 years.

    Tommy loves to make you more efficient and proficient. Give him a call for an impromptu training session. If you call Scribbles Support, it is likely that you will get in touch with Tommy, or someone on his team, first. That said, Tommy has been diligent in training the entire Scribbles team. Anyone on our team should be able to answer almost any question.

    Tel: (704) 654-7131 | Email: Tommy | Skype:

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    Laura manages our inside sales team. She is married and has 3 children. Laura has a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry as well a degree in Technology.

    Laura has the gift of gab, but can also walk the walk. She spent 10 years selling natural and green products around the country. When Laura is not out selling our wares, she can often be found practicing her kickboxing skills.

    Laura is often the first person our clients ever meet. She makes a great impression because she knows our products well, but even more importantly, she knows our customers well. She can be summed up in two words -- 'Laura rocks!'.

    Tel: (864) 449-0049 | Email: Laura | Skype:

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    Matt works as the integration expert within Scribbles. Matt has a beautiful daughter named Ellie Mai (no relation to Jed Clampett). Matt is a real wizard developer that focuses on archive and capture technologies.

    Matt has been the mastermind behind developing the new ScribCapture. and splits his time between the US and UK offices. Where there is an integration need, Matt is there.

    Matt has a great touch with clients and never fails to get the job done. We love you Matt.

    Tel: (704) 654-7131 | Email: Matt | Skype:

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    Karl joined the Scribbles party in late 2014 as a Partner. He is married and has a gorgeous daughter. Karl brings vast development methodology experience to the team.

    When Karl isn't coding, he is likely either out mountain biking or dirt-bike riding. If you want to build a massively scalable cloud system, or simply race through the woods on two wheels, Karl is your man.

    Karl brings a wealth of innovation to our team. Glad you are on our side!.

    Tel: (877) 287-6512 | Email: Karl | Skype:

Our mission is simple – K-12 Records Management Made Simple. With this business model in practice, and some hard work, Scribbles Software has grown quickly. We are adding new districts daily!

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If you want to find out how we can help you with your K-12 Student Records Management, have some question, or just wanna chat then we’d love to hear from you - we love to talk!